• I’ve never seen a professional photographer (or anyone) so willing to share info regarding photography! Amazing! Your passion for this is contagious and appreciated. I love taking pictures, but I love it even more now!  

    Jennifer Lewans
  •  “Now I feel completely empowered” I felt fairly comfortable with my camera before the workshop, but now I feel completely empowered. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, hints, answers and humour! My A-ha moments – backlighting, single shot focusing and tips for photographing kids. 

    Laura Jensen
  • “Individualized learning experiences” This was a fantastic experience, I can’t believe how much info was given in two days!

    Jodie Bialkoski
  • More from this two days than my college class!” Even after instruction in a college course on photography about the technical aspects of a camera, I did not know why I was changing things to make the picture better. After Greg’s Intro workshop, I now know why I am doing what I am doing with my camera. 

    Nicole Olfert
 by Jennifer on TornadoHunter.com
Fantastic ! Well worth it.
Where did you attend a workshop?: March 2023., Comox

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Unfortunately due to illness I only made one of the two days. However I felt that I received the full value of the class before lunch on the first day. I would love to take one of his travel photo group trips and hope to join some of the zoom online learning. Thanks again.

 by Joy on TornadoHunter.com
Great workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Nanaimo

Thoroughly enjoyed the format and learned so much. I'm inspired to get out and start creating.

 by Herman Kaglik on TornadoHunter.com
Camera workshop,3-4 December 2022
Where did you attend a workshop?: Kamloops Community Centre

Workshop was well presented and very informative and explained clearly along with examples. Greg presented all information regarding relavent cameras and giving each example clearly. Interaction and explaination to all who attended was well presented. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in improving their photography skills, ... read more

 by Edward Grenfell on TornadoHunter.com
Kamloops Class
Where did you attend a workshop?: Kamloops BC

Greg has a great understanding of digital and mirrorless cameras, I have been taking pictures for 30 plus year and with Greg's help I have a much better understanding of how my camera works. I did not understand the white balance nor the auto/manual switch on my lens. Greg showed us how it worked and I am more excited to take picture.

 by Kristine Heckman on TornadoHunter.com
Weekend in Person Course
Where did you attend a workshop?: Kelowna

Incredibly impactful content that made me fall in love with my DSLR! Greg has a unique, very approachable teaching style, peppered with great humour and relevant stories. He took the time to ensure everyone's questions were answered and knew each and every nuance of the different camera brands and models in the room. I highly recommend Greg's course... read more

 by Jamie Desjarlais on TornadoHunter.com
Great Teacher!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Yorkton SK

Greg is an outstanding teaching and very engaging. Since the workshop, I am more confident and aware of camera settings. I wish the training was longer, it went by so quickly. Highly recommend this training if you love photography!

 by Emily on TornadoHunter.com
Photography Made Simple!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Swift Current

I love photography but always thought it was so complicated. Greg showed me how to simplify everything down to its main parts. Now it’s fun again and I feel comfortable experimenting and trying new things.

 by Jasmine DeBlois on TornadoHunter.com
Great Workshop!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Swift Current

I have wanted to take this workshop from Greg for years now and finally got the opportunity to do so. I learned so much about my camera and how to take better photos, I’m a long ways from 5 million photos but can’t wait to start the countdown! Along with being extremely informative, the workshop was a lot of fun, lots of laughs and the time flew ... read more

 by Lynne Resch on TornadoHunter.com
Mind blowing
Where did you attend a workshop?: Medicine Hat

Greg is an amazing teacher! I am mostly a self-taught hobby photographer. My understanding was rather chaotic and disorganized. Greg helped me to properly understand my camera, and how to easily use it. His method of teaching brought me to a new level of knowledge, organization, and confidence (and less stress!). Don't hesitate! Take Greg's class as... read more

 by Jeannette on TornadoHunter.com
Quilters photos
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I have always wanted to show off the many quilts that I have done as well as others. There are so many different ways of presenting them. Greg has shown me such a wide variety of ways to highlight the quilts in ways that I never even imagined. Thank you Greg - it was an awesome workshop.

 by Gerry Hogervorst on TornadoHunter.com
Learning about my camera
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I took the 2 day photography course last week with Greg. I got into the digital camera world ten years ago, but was using automatic on the camera because I couldn’t figure out all the options. In the previous world of film, you usually purchased ISO 100 film - that was fixed, the set the aperture for depth of field and took pictures. The new digital... read more

 by Brenda on TornadoHunter.com
Very Practicle and Easy to Follow
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

Although I was initially nervous about signing up for a workshop from a Facebook ad. The class was great. Greg provided an easy to understand approach and the workshop had lots of time to practice with immediate feedback. I've done other courses that went through the theory, but this is the first time I came away feeling like I understood how to get... read more

 by Kevin Crumly on TornadoHunter.com
Worth every dollar and then some
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

As the great Forest Gump said, "I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is" and I love this course. I have actually taken it 3 times now. Prior to meeting Greg and taking his course I had taken several classes both in class and on-line. Every single one of them went over my head with the technical language and jargon used. Greg truly lives up... read more

 by Marilyn on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

Greg is an amazing teacher! He is able to dumb everything down and not make it Techy. He has a great sense of humour which helps keep everything light. I also liked the fact that it was not a large class size. I would definitely take another one of his classes and recommend him to my friends.

 by Carole Barclay on TornadoHunter.com
Great workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

I wasn't sure what to expect from a two-day workshop, would it be brain overload. The workshop was AMAZING. Greg's knowledge of all the various camera's that everyone had was incredible. He took the time with each one of us and made sure that we understood each function he went through. He kept everything interesting, and the two days flew by. I would... read more

 by Diane Avison on TornadoHunter.com
Camera Workshop Appreciation
Where did you attend a workshop?: Melfort, Sask.

The workshop was all I had hoped for and more. Greg explained everything so easily & great to understand. I learned so much about basic operations & settings & was good to be able to use them throughout the two days. Greg made it a fun experience by telling us about his tornado trips & time flew by quickly. I will be taking many photos... read more

 by Dale M on TornadoHunter.com
So awesome
Where did you attend a workshop?: Melfort

When I registered for this class, I was concerned firstly because of the cost of the class and secondly because I have felt very inadequate in operating my digital camera. Prior to getting my very expensive digital camera, I had two very good cameras and a darkroom in my house, so I thought switching to the digital camera would be easy/simple. It wasn... read more

 by Jackie Cavers on TornadoHunter.com
Got my MOJO back!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Brandon

Must do weekend!!! I got my “ MOJO” back!! This is the 2 nd time I attended the 2day workshop & Im thrilled that I did it again!! First go round, I was extremely new to everything ; photography, my camera, editing program… felt overwhelmed! Went home and practiced for 2-3weeks, then stopped. Again overwhelmed, discouraged. Decide to go back... read more

 by Karen D on TornadoHunter.com
Absolutely fantastic
Where did you attend a workshop?: Saskatoon

I recently attended a 2 day workshop with Greg. To put it simply…game changing! Greg is an excellent teacher with extensive knowledge but yet so adept at bringing it down to make it easy to understand. He is passionate, knowledgeable and so willing to share his experience and infectious enthousiasme for the joy of photography. After this workshop, ... read more

 by Lauren Kater on TornadoHunter.com
Very rewarding anf fun!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina

This 2 day class checked off many boxes for me! It was not only fun...Greg patiently taught us what the camera was capable of and how we/I could make it so with practice! Greg's photos are gorgeous and tell wonderful stories. Would love to take one of his photo journey's some day! I very much enjoyed the weekend and will gladly recommend the class... read more

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