• I enjoyed your new age thought processes” I’ve never seen a professional photographer (or anyone) so willing to share info regarding photography! Amazing! Your passion for this is contagious and appreciated. I love taking pictures, but I love it even more now!  

    Jennifer Lewans
  •  “Now I feel completely empowered” I felt fairly comfortable with my camera before the workshop, but now I feel completely empowered. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, hints, answers and humour! My A-ha moments – backlighting, single shot focusing and tips for photographing kids. 

    Laura Jensen
  • “Individualized learning experiences” This was a fantastic experience, I can’t believe how much info was given in two days! I loved the hands on approach and the individualized learning experiences that were given.

    Jodie Bialkoski
  • More from this two days than my college class!” Even after instruction in a college course on photography about the technical aspects of a camera, I did not know why I was changing things to make a the picture better. After Gregs Intro workshop, I now know why I am doing what I am doing with my camera. 

    Nicole Olfert

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“I know WHY and WHEN to adjust the camera settings!”

For over a year I kept missing out on Greg’s workshop for one reason or another. I was finally able to get in on one this past August and it was SO worth the wait! When I walked into the workshop I had, in frustration, only been using my camera in the fully automatic mode and had given up using any of the other settings. At the workshop I learned what I was doing wrong with my camera and now know how to make adjustments to settings on the camera to get the shot I want, instead of just hoping it would turn out.

Previous to the workshop if I got a good shot it was pure luck, I didn’t know why it worked out or alternatively why it didn’t. Now I feel much more comfortable with my camera and am using it fully manual (no presets for me anymore!). I am able to adjust ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc and know WHY I’m adjusting them and WHEN to adjust them! I am thrilled with the results I am getting. I no longer feel intimidated by using the manual setting and actually like it more now as I have control over what the camera is doing.

The workshop itself was very enjoyable and had such a relaxed atmosphere to it, open to questions and inquiries. Being able to go out and do some hands on learning during the workshop was great as well because you could have any problems addressed right then and there so you learned instantly by “doing”.

Greg is very passionate about what he does and that comes across. He makes the workshop a lot of fun yet keeps it so informative at the same time. Even the most basic questions from novices like me were answered with patience and a willingness to share his vast knowledge. A bonus is seeing his beautiful work and hearing storm chasing stories!

To wrap it up I got everything I wanted from the workshop and more. I cannot recommend this workshop enough, if you have any desire at all to improve your photography skills or learn more about how your camera works please don’t think twice. Sign up for a workshop now!

Dianne Mursell

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