• I’ve never seen a professional photographer (or anyone) so willing to share info regarding photography! Amazing! Your passion for this is contagious and appreciated. I love taking pictures, but I love it even more now!  

    Jennifer Lewans
  •  “Now I feel completely empowered” I felt fairly comfortable with my camera before the workshop, but now I feel completely empowered. Thank you so much for all the knowledge, hints, answers and humour! My A-ha moments – backlighting, single shot focusing and tips for photographing kids. 

    Laura Jensen
  • “Individualized learning experiences” This was a fantastic experience, I can’t believe how much info was given in two days!

    Jodie Bialkoski
  • More from this two days than my college class!” Even after instruction in a college course on photography about the technical aspects of a camera, I did not know why I was changing things to make the picture better. After Greg’s Intro workshop, I now know why I am doing what I am doing with my camera. 

    Nicole Olfert
 by Lisa Johner on TornadoHunter.com
Technical aspects fun to learn.
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I was nervous and a little embarrassed to sign up for the workshop having no knowledge of how to use the camera I’ve owned for 12 years. Once there, I was relieved to see I wasn’t alone. It was also great to have some more experienced participants in the room. Greg’s sense of humor and easy going approach to teaching made this weekend truly enjoyable... read more

 by Holly Van Oosten on TornadoHunter.com
Highly recommend!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

This was such a great weekend! From start to finish, the 2 days spent with Greg were not only game-changing for my photography, but so entertaining. He is engaging and patient. I learned so much! He took the time to make sure we all understood what we were learning, letting some of us ask all the questions we wanted. 🙂 I love my camera more now than... read more

 by Kevin Crumly on TornadoHunter.com
Can't Get Enough
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

I attended Greg's Introductory course in 2019 and have gone on a few of his adventures and attended all of his on-line courses. So why would I take the intro Course over? Simple, although I have learned a ton from Greg unfortunately I have not learned all I know about photography from Greg. I had taken several courses over the years, both in class ... read more

 by Sue Acorn on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Calgary

I was a bit hesitant going in, but Greg is relaxed and has a great sense of humour so that took my stress level down considerably. It was a very safe learning environment I never dreamed that I would walk away after 2 days and understand my camera, my lenses and how to use M and A modes effectively and confidently. The weekend flew by. I would highly... read more

 by Colleen Kaiser-Gill on TornadoHunter.com
Educational & Entertaining
Where did you attend a workshop?: Red Deer

This workshop brought me back to "life" after 21 months of Covid craziness! Greg's passion, experience, and professionalism for photography, taught us repeatable procedures, that are easy and work! His vast knowledge of camera equipment, comedic teachings, and willingness to help each student was appreciated. I left this course familiar with every ... read more

 by Monique Prefontaine on TornadoHunter.com
Excellent course!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Kelowna

Greg is an incredibly knowledgable and engaging instructor. I have taken other photography classes before but have never gained so much knowledge in such a short period. There wasn't anything he couldn't explain in layman's terms and make it relevant to all levels of experience. Really recommend his classes!

 by Johanne Giguère on TornadoHunter.com
Introduction to DSLR photography
Where did you attend a workshop?: Kelowna BC Nov 27-28

It has been years that I used the automatic mode on my Nikon D3200 and finally I spent a w/e to learn the basic of photography with Greg. I had a ah-ah moment finally it made sense. Wonderful sense of humor he makes everyone at ease. Now I hear his voice telling me your images have to tell a story. It is motivating that I will be able to grow as a ... read more

 by Lincoln N. on TornadoHunter.com
Absolutely Amazing
Where did you attend a workshop?: Saskatoon

There is not much more that I can say about this course than "WOW"!! Even in the age of Covid, Greg put on an absolutely amazing course. I learnt more about using a camera, and taking pictures in the first 4 hours than I ever had! Throw in Greg's laid-back style, phenomenal passion for the art of photography, and ability to teach everyone regardless... read more

 by Chris Hamlyn on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Nanaimo BC

Greg not only explained the workings of cameras so even a newbie can understand, he did it with humour and unbridled enthusiasm. Workshop participants can't help but develop a desire to get out a start creating their own photos/memories. Thanks, Greg.

 by Debbie on TornadoHunter.com
So great
Where did you attend a workshop?: Nanaimo

Greg, your workshop provided me with enough information to confidently go forth into the world with my camera and capture, well, everything I see. Your approach was so down-to-earth and easy. A terrific workshop that I would recommend to anyone! Your stories are great too. Hoping to maybe go exploring with you as well!

 by Sean Rasmussen on TornadoHunter.com
DSLR Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Comox 2022

Im very happy to say I attended the workshop, thanks to my amazing wife. Greg is a very gifted teacer with great interpersonal skills as well as a grity sense of humour. I learned quite alot more than anticipated am very excited to practce these new skills out. Thank you Greg, Sean Rasmussen

 by Nicole Bennett on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton ~~ 11/21

I must put in my five cents ( after all, no more pennies 🤷‍♀️ ). This is the second time taking Greg’s course. Full disclosure… simply did not stick the first time. Although it was a beginner class, many in the first class were experts, I felt I just got lost with all the technicalities. This second class were all mostly at the same level, ... read more

 by Nadine Laliberte on TornadoHunter.com
Don't miss your chance
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

WOW! This course has created so many AH-HA moments for me. Greg not only simplify my camera to a tool that I finally understand, he made it fun and interesting. The two days flew by and I was disappointed when it ended. Even if you know absolutely nothing about photography, this is the course for you. Well worth the money, I would do it again in a ... read more

 by Karen on TornadoHunter.com
For one and all!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Red Deer

This is a common sense course that applies to everybody. This course will elevate your knowledge of the camera as well as how to look at all photography with a professional eye. Greg covered a lot of material for all different levels of photographer and all different cameras in an entertaining fashion. The two days went by fast but I was able to retain... read more

 by Pat Jacobsen on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I really don’t like doing reviews because I am not sure what to say...so here goes!!! Greg was simply wonderful, he doesn’t talk down to you even if he has to tell you a dozen times until the light bulb comes on and you get it!!! I never felt intimidated and if I did get confused he’d help me get through my brain cramp. I look forward to my practice... read more

 by Rick on TornadoHunter.com
Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina

I've taken a couple of other photography course before, and this one was definitely the best. Greg has a way of cutting through the crap and simplifying the process of taking pictures. He avoided the trap of trying to cover lots of camera features, and focused on the main ones critical to taking quality shots. Despite a diverse background of students... read more

 by Aldrick on TornadoHunter.com
Amazing Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Best Western Hotel-Morden

It was a wonderful and amazing workshop. Greg has awesome technique the way he coaching us, very smart teaching style, A very good mentor, inspiring, enthusiastic, and he has a sense of humour. I like the way that he "bullied" everyone in the group. Looking forward to the next workshop.

 by Wanda Stoesz on TornadoHunter.com
Informative and entertaining
Where did you attend a workshop?: Morden, Mb

I walked in not sure what to expect. I walked out knowing how to use my camera with confidence. 14 hours of class and I cannot wait to go out and shoot anything I can possibly shoot. Greg was an amazing teacher, very patient, funny, interactive instructor and stopped to answer all and any questions. If you have a passsion for photography, or just want... read more

 by Brad Locke on TornadoHunter.com
Intro course
Where did you attend a workshop?: LLoyminster

I have taken a lot of courses and been in a lot of classrooms over the 20+ years I served in the military. Greg has a way of instructing that isn’t just restricted to instructing, it is engaging, entertaining and informational. Presented in an easy to understand format or way, if you will. It is clear he likes what he does and that passion comes through... read more

 by Chuck Chow on TornadoHunter.com
intro class second time around
Where did you attend a workshop?: Estevan

This is the second time around taking this intro class! I still found it interesting and picked up a few more skills that I might of missed during the first class taken almost two years ago! I really enjoyed the part when Greg shows the student's practice photos taken after the first day of lessons. The way Greg commands on each photo on the good and... read more

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