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by Linda on
Photography Classes Worth Every Penny
Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina

Photography classes are as simplified or as complicated as the instructor. Its about what you practice and what becomes first nature to you. This is the third class I've taken and the third perspective. After learning 3 different ways to use my camera I have to say this will be the one I stick with. Learning how to tell a story with beautiful stories is a reality. Thank you Greg!

by Marlyn (Marnie)Toderan on
Beginners workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina

I had used "manual mode some of the time but found it time consuming getting the settings correct. Greg simplified that and now I doubt that I will hardly ever use auto mode. I got sunburned today experimenting for 3 hrs in the sun and enjoying every minute of it. A great big thank you to Greg . The whole workshop was well set up.

by Cara on
Intro to DSLR Photography Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Swift Current

I took this course on a whim saying to myself  "this is my last attempt at understanding my camera". After completing the course I can confidently say that I had learned more in that weekend than in all the other attempts I had made in the past, and feel that he connected all of the dots and gave me a solid foundation. Thanks Greg 😉

by Tanya Scriven on
Well worth every penny!!!!!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Swift Current

I learned more in 2 hours with Greg then I have known about my camera in 2 years! Truly money very well spent on by my husband and son on my birthday gift. Lots to take in for sure, when you have an amazing teacher that makes it fun! Greg is so passionate about photography that it makes it so incredibly fun! Best weekend I have had in a long time! Thanks to everyone who made it all come together!

by LeeAnn Denischuk on
Great for beginners like me!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Weyburn

Greg was awesome!The class was very informative.He spoke in a language that the average Joe could understand where their camera is concerned.I left the class with confidence knowing I can use my camera.
Thanks Greg.....U R the best!

by Irene on
Intro to DSLR Photography Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Weyburn

This class was exactly what I needed to get to know my camera. I was intimidated with the Manual feature and can now use this with ease. Greg made the 2 days fun and informative. It was a great learning experience and I loved every minute of it! Thanks Greg!

by Fred on
Excellent value
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I really enjoyed the workshop, Greg is a entertaining humorous speaker. Everything was presented as simple possible to make sure that we all could grasp The concepts and retain it all. I am definitely considering taking the more advanced course and I am insisting that my wife take the introductory course. Over all I would highly recommend it to anyone, and guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

by Brittany Longman on
Life Changing Experience
Where did you attend a workshop?: Swift Current

After 3 years of having my camera & 2 years of YouTube tutorials I finally decided enough was enough and I really wanted to learn how to use my camera properly. I had been shooting in automatic mode for years and thinking I was a good photographer. The first 3 hours of the course blew my mind so the rest of the weekend exploded my mind with the knowledge to change my life. I now have the skills to shoot the most beautiful boudoir, model & landscape photos of my life. Greg said "create a story with your photos"...I know am 100% confident that I can do that and start my photography life all over with new skills under my belt that I never had before. Do not hesitate to sign up..DO IT NOW. It WILL change your life. I can't thank Greg enough for the most amazing class he provided. Easy to follow & a lot of laughs along the way!

by June Charison on
Intro to DSLR Photography workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Greg was an awesome instructor. Even though being an accomplished professional photographer he could empathize with us his students and knew our challenges being amateurs with our equipment and our skills. He instructed with much humour, repetition, one on one assistance, encouragement and patience. He shared his own life experiences (stories) through his personal photos. We covered a ton of topics and information over the two day workshop and if we get out to practice what we learned we will certainly be much better photographers for it. We will all be telling a story and life moments through our photos. We all know that photography takes a lot of practice and imagination. I have taken other photography classes and Greg’s was far superior. I do recommend if anyone is wanting to take photography classes to attend one of Greg’s workshops. Money well spent. I can’t wait to take Greg’s intermediate workshop and perhaps in the future an East Coast or Yukon photography workshop trip. I can’t say thank you enough to Tornado Hunters Photography for the material we covered, the tips and tricks we learned and how Greg was able to get all that information across to us and actually have it all make sense.

by Tracy Voigt on
Where did you attend a workshop?: North Battleford

I just attended Greg's beginner class and loved it! I have never known how to use my camera other then just pointing, shooting and hoping for the best. It has been too overwhelming for me to learn in the past but Greg's class was perfect. Not too much information, just the right amount for a first time class and he was also very entertaining. I ended up going on a trip up north the day after my class and put my skills to use and am addicted now! The skills he taught us will stay with me for a lifetime and I look forward to learning more. Thanks Greg!

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