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McCook, Nebraska EF1 Tornado

McCook, Nebraska in 2019. A weak EF1 tornado provided the most photogenic tornado of the year. Check out the dash cam video from birth to death.

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Tornado Crossing

Lincoln, Nebraska I80 Twister

From the moment we first saw this tornado, it was obvious that it was violent and would cross the interstate highway in front of us. 

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Oklahoma Beast

Altus, Oklahoma Tornado

This video shows exactly how incredible tornado rotation can be. This was shot on May 23 2024 near Altus, Oklahoma.

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Canadian Tornado

Manitoba Monster Multi vortex

Watch this late-season tornado that caused havoc in Southwest Manitoba on July 27 2015. At times this multivortex tornado seemed to be braiding into itself creating one of the most spectacular tornadoes we have witnessed.

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Dodge City Tornado Family

Watch this full length chase of the May 24 2016, Dodge City, Kansas tornado family spawned by a small cluster of supercell storms. 

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twin tornadoes

Pilger Nebraska twin EF4 tornadoes

On June 16 2014, a supercell storm spawned a tornado family including twin EF4 tornadoes which ravaged the town of Pilger.

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Tornado hits farm in Saskatchewan

July 24 2012. A small but violent tornado hits a farm near the community of St. Joseph, Saskatchewan. 

After checking on the home, which was damaged, there were no injuries and the chase continued.

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Goodland Kansas Landspout

A landspout is not as dangerous as a tornado but they are equally as elusive and fun to shoot. This one occurred near Goodland, Kansas on June 8 2019. 

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Oh my god

Tescott, Kansas EF3 Tornado

Tornado Hunters and tour guests get up-close and personal with a large and very fast moving EF3 tornado near Tescott, Kansas on May 1st 2018.

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Music Video

Natural Disaster by Pentatonix

The song Natural Disaster by Pentatonix seemed like the perfect fit for footage from Dodge City, Kansas in 2016

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El Reno, Oklahoma

Our close call with the largest tornado in history.

On May 31 2013, the widest tornado in history struck the region near El Reno, Oklahoma. With radar measured wind-speeds  approaching 300mph this tornado almost made us pay the ultimate price. Hold on tight.

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Sound man and director running at a tornado.

This video is footage shot from a camera mounted to the hood of the production truck which is following us into the belly of the beast. Pierson, Manitoba 2015

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Compilation of tornado and storm footage.

This is a compilation of storm and tornado footage from 2012 and 2013. Please try to ignore the awful siren. It was a first editing attempt and I have not done something like this since then. 

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