Tornado Hunter Journey

Every life is made up of chapters. This page represents some of the highlights of my Tornado Hunter story. 

The Tornado Hunter story.

2010 I began chasing storms outside of Canada.

Highlights included tornado intercepts at Litchfield, IL, Breckenridge, TX and Raymore, SK.

Founded the company

2011 was a game changer. I was introduced to Jaclyn Whittal and together we witnessed tornadoes at Ada, OK and were thrust into ground zero of the Joplin Missouri tornado that was the costliest and deadliest tornado in a generation

Began on-site reporting and freelancing for Canadian and US media outlets.

2012 was another big your for my Tornado Hunter brand. 

Released my book Blown Away. A year through the lens of the Tornado Hunter

Witnessed a dozen tornadoes on April 14 2012 in Kansas.

On four separate days in 2012 I witnessed tornadoes in Saskatchewan. Live streamed to local media outlets and did live reporting about the events.

In 2012 I had a number of interesting chase partners including, Nick Schenher, Sean Schofer, Chris Streeks, Notanee Bourassa and Angie Wagar and Ricky Forbes.


2013 I was introduced to Chris Chittick from the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers

Along with Chris and Ricky Forbes, I chased a lot of storms in 2013 including tornadoes at Wichita, Kansas and El Reno, Oklahoma (The widest tornado ever recorded).

2014 I chased again with Chris Chittick and Ricky Forbes for most of the 2014 season and the highlight was definitely the twin tornado day on June 16 2014 in Nebraska. 

As a group, the three of us began work on a TV project called Tornado Hunters. We worked with a production company from Toronto, Saloon Media.

Began work on my second book Why is the Sky Green. By Tornado Hunter Greg Johnson.

The entire 2015 chasing season in Canada and the United States was dedicated to filming the TV show Tornado Hunters.

Highlights of the 2015 season included tornadoes at Kalvesta, KS and Pierson, MB.

The show went into post production in the fall and was released for the fall TV premiere season. 

I released my second book Why is the Sky Green, By Tornado Hunter Greg Johnson in November of 2015

2016 was a bit of a roller coaster. The show Tornado Hunters was not renewed by CMT. Cancelled after 12 episodes. Disappointing to say the least.

Late in 2016 Netflix in the US and in countries around the world picked up the show and the audience grew. 

Unfortunately this also marked the end of the Tornado Hunters TV production. Chris continued to join me on chases as we offered tornado alley tours. Ricky moved on to other projects. 

The highlights of the 2016 chase season for Chris and I were tornadoes at Turkey, TX, Dodge City, KS, Chapman, KS and Kalvesta, KS.

2016 Also marked the start of my speaking career. I was asked to join the National Speakers Bureau as a featured keynote.

2017 operated tornado alley tours with Chris Chittick. It was a very slow year for storms and tornadoes.

I used the lack of storms to begin work on my 3rd book entitled Camera Canada, Portrait of a Nation.

2018 I operated tornado alley tours again. The highlight of the season was intercepting the EF3 tornado near Tescott, KS.

I released my third book Camera Canada, Portrait of a Nation in the fall of 2018.

I was selected as a panelist and starred on the CBC TV program Canada Reads.

My work with National Speakers bureau and several other agencies ramped up and my talk I am Just a Tornado Hunter was featured by NSB

2019 was the final year for me operating tornado tours into tornado alley. The highlight of the season was the photogenic McCook, Nebraska twister in May. 

I launched a new web project called Camera workshops and speaking became my primary focus however my passion was still getting on the road and chasing tornadoes.

2020 Best year ever! Thanks Covid

Obviously, due to Covid and border restrictions, I did not chase much in 2020. However, I did get a bit lucky and had some career favourite storm photos that happened within a 2 hour drive of my home.

No speaking. Events were cancelled.

No camera workshops. All events were cancelled.

In the spring of 2020 I sold my truck to Chris. His intention was to operate his own tours. 

2020 was the worst year ever. 2021…Hold my beer.

Again due to Covid and border restrictions, I did not do any chasing in the US. As well, there were no speaking engagements and no workshops to attend. 

The only highlights for me from the standpoint of storm chasing were tornadoes near Rosetown Saskatchewan in June and a chance to reunite for a chase with Ricky Forbes. First chase together in 6 years!

2022 Back chasing storms on the US side of the border. I have been chasing with good friends and great humans, Nick Schenher and Chris Graham, both from Regina.

Our first chase of the season was in Iowa where we caught up with a deliciously photogenic twister at Gilmore City, IA