Every good book needs a sequel



I want your best shots.

Every photographer wants to get published, and I understand that desire. I was thrilled with the response to Camera Canada, Portrait of a nation. Now, we are doing this again with a follow-up called Camera Canada, Seasons.


256 Page, hard cover book with photos and stories from across Canada. The book will be a how-to guide for photographers and an art piece for readers.


To be included in the book, the photographer will have taken one of my live workshops or be a subscriber to my online course CameraEasy.


1) All images must be shot in Canada. Non-Canadian content will be excluded.

2) There are no restrictions on when the images are taken. Meaning, older photos will be accepted.

3) Photos submitted previously for Camera Canada, Portrait of a Nation that were NOT selected for publication, will be allowed.

4) All photographers whose images are used in the book will receive co-author credit on the book.

5) Greg Johnson will be the curator of all book content, however I will be seeking advice from a few fellow professionals.

6)There are four principle categories. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • Photographers should keep in mind that this book is meant to highlight camera skills including:
  • Perspective – How creative was the photographer in getting the shot
  • SCUFI – Shoot close up for impact. Every page of the book needs to pop, the closer you get, the more impact.
  • Story – Does the image tell a story. Some stories are tragic, some are scary, some are exciting and some are just down right Happy.
  • People – Pictures of people doing things, experiencing life and interacting are always winners.
  • Showing off your technical Prowess – Images that show a mastery of the camera will hold a special place in the selection process.
  • Canadiana – If it screams Canada…it’s a winner. However, if its cliché…its probably not a winner.


Deadline for submissions will be Dec 31 2020


Selection Criteria

  • Exposure – Selected images will have good exposure.
  • Focus – Critical focus points are required. Is the thing that is supposed to be in focus, in focus?
  • Redundancy – If the image is redundant it will likely not get selected. For example, If there are 500 images submitted of aurora… yours likely wont get selected unless its mind blowing. If I get bumble bees on flowers… I am guessing it wont make it in as there are lots of those. I will get many shots of grain elevators, but not many shots from a mountain top. The mountain top image will have a better shot at making it in.
  • Representation – I will limit each photographer to a maximum of 3 selected images.
  • Representation 2 – I will ensure that every province and territory is represented.
  • Representation 3 – I will ensure that every time of day, indoors and outdoors, people and wildlife, landscapes and macro shots, and all kinds of weather are represented.
  • Story. All things being equal, images that tell stories will always win my heart.


  • All images must be in jpeg format. No exceptions.
  • I may request a re-edit on any selected images for technical reasons.
  • Any overly processed images such as HDR, unrealistically edited or fake images will not be selected.

Camera Canada Seasons Submission Form

  • Please tell us where you attended a workshop hosted by Greg. You must have taken a workshop to be eligible for publication.
  • Please ensure that the email you enter is one that you use often.
  • Upload the HIGHEST RESOLUTION version you have. NO RAW FILES. NO WATERMARKS. Photo editing is NOT required.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpg, jpeg, jpeg, Max. file size: 40 MB.
  • There is a 2500 character limit for this write-up. Please, write, proofread and then proofread again 😉
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


All images will remain the property of the photographer and will only be used for this book, with photo and author credit. Some images will be used for promotional purposes and on social media related to the project. The price of the book has yet to be established and I will update when I have this info.