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Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson, one of North America’s top professional storm-chasers and severe weather experts, is also an accomplished photographer, speaker and workshop leader. Learn more


Chris Chittick

As the Tornado Hunter videographer Chris Chittick does not have a typical job. Some say he is crazy, some say he’s an extremist, and yet others say he’s a just a bit Learn more


Ricky Forbes

Ricky Forbes is the driver for one of North America’s top professional storm chasing teams and also an accomplished web designer, freestyle snowboard coach, Learn more


Flash – The Tornado Truck




If you want to take better pictures, stand in front of better stuff

Live Streaming of Storm Chases


C atch the team as they live stream on YouTube their biggest and baddest chases.  When the live stream is active the link will be shared here at and via the team’s social media.  If you would like an email notification when we go LIVE, please subscribe to our YouTube channel

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Viral Video

The video that took the world by storm May 2014 – shot by our driver Ricky Forbes.

Mama Bear Saves Cub From Busy Highway

Driving through British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park we stopped to capture a shot of a baby bear on the highway only to get much more of a show. While watching the cub we saw the mama bear stick it’s head over the barrier to save it’s young from its dangerous predicament. It almost looks like she looks both ways first! A very amazing sight to see.

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percentage of time that Ricky is annoying
Percentage of audience that is female
percentage of chases that don't result in a broken windshield
Percentage of chase days that result in a tornado intercept


Percentage of time Chasing in the US
Percentage of hotel rooms that have roll-aways/cots
% of nights in hotels that we flip a coin to see who gets a bed to themselves
Percentage of gas station stops that involve Hot Dogs



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