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Tornado Hunters

Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick, and Ricky Forbes are the Tornado Hunters.
Outfitted with their truck Flash and the best equipment money can buy, they target the biggest tornadoes in North America. From Regina to Mexico, there’s nowhere they won’t go as they risk life, limb and a lot of windshields to chase their passion for the world’s worst weather.

The Team

Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is unstoppable. Former staffer on parliament hill, former hockey referee, former marketing executive, Greg’s done a bit of everything. A few years ago he quit his desk job, grew his hair out, and gambled it all to pursue his real passion and turn his side hobby into his next great adventure: capturing nature’s most beautiful and deadly displays of severe weather. More

Flash forward to today. Greg is one of North America’s top professional storm-chasers and severe weather photographers. He appears regularly on TV, usually wearing his signature nerd goggles and hockey helmet, and has put over 200,000 km on his Ford F-150 intercepting and documenting hundreds of storms across North America. When he’s not chasing, Greg is jet-setting around for his motivational speaking engagements, masterminding the team’s marketing, and always keeping a handle on the business. If you ask the rest of the team, though, Greg is the principal practical joker and troublemaker with a wicked-quick tongue. We all know a guy like Greg: heart of gold, determined to succeed, but after twelve hours cooped up in the cab listening to his constant banter, you’d be running towards a tornado, too.

Chris Chittick

Chris is the type of guy you’d want to go to war with: the veteran with the cool demeanour and rock-solid air of professionalism. When the sky turns black and the winds howl, he’s the guy telling you everything’s going to be fine… and you believe him, until you see the wicked grin on his face as he’s calmly watching cows fly through the air. He’s just as much a wide-eyed adrenaline junkie as the others, and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to get that ultimate shot as the team’s designated videographer. More

Chris has been chasing for 15 years and has over 400 tornadoes on his extreme-weather résumé. He starred in the hit series Storm Chasers. After a move north to Canada, Chris joined up with the Tornado Hunter team to continue his crusade to conquer anything Mother Nature has the fortitude to create. Equipped with his camera, there’s nothing that can phase or stir fear in Chris.

Ricky Forbes

Don’t mistake the rookie driver of the group for an amateur. This 28-year-old six-foot-five Saskatchewan native with the movie-star looks has seen and done it all. Mountains, plains, rivers, lakes — if there’s a territory Ricky can explore through an extreme sport he’s into it, at full throttle. He’s talented at almost everything he attempts, but not invincible - his love of adventure has left him with four concussions. Now he’s hooked on possibly the most dangerous endeavour he’s ever attempted: extreme weather. In his short years chasing Ricky has proven himself time and time again, fearlessly hitting ditches and dodging debris, doing whatever it takes to navigate through the storms to keep his comrades safe. More

Greg relentlessly makes fun of Ricky for sounding like Sylvester Stallone, but Ricky’s no dummy. He’s the team's resident media whiz who spearheads the online presence that garners them millions of hits, views, and fans every year. As the driver, it’s Ricky’s mug that’s often front-and-centre on the webcam, often displaying his trademark “Holy-s--t-that’s-a-big-tornado” face.