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    This year marks the 175th anniversary of the founding of one of Canada’s oldest and most respected universities. Watch for special events and share your memories with us in the coming months. Visit the site now!
    175th Anniversary

    Acadia 2013 Viewbook

    You’re about to enjoy the first big adventure of your life. You can picture it in your mind… now see it in our NEW! 2013-2014 Viewbook.

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    Motion-capture research to prevent sports injury

    Assistant professor of kinesiology Scott Landry is using a new motion lab to investigate why anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are more common in women than men, and how to prevent them. cbc.ca report

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    Fitness pays off in health for adult Canadians

    "The fittest Canadian adults are the healthiest," says the author of a new Canada-wide study. Dr. Jonathon Fowles, director of the Centre of Lifestyle Studies at Acadia University. CBC Report

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    Acadia welcomes future students

    Future Acadia students and their families will have an opportunity to better prepare for first year during Summer Orientation Days May 26 and July 7. 

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