April 17, 2013 Super User

The Tornado Hunter Truck


The Flash is built on a Ford F150 base from Melville Motors in Melville, Saskatchewan. The exterior has been sprayed with Line-X protective coating providing the truck with unparalleled safety from hail and tornado debris. The Flash has been outfitted with RePlayXD cameras for live streaming and The Wireless Age has provided communications equipment including 2way radios, signal booster and data plans.

Additionally, Custom Creations in Regina, Saskatchewan has added a Raider Truck topper, 20 inch Fuel Rims, Good Year Tires, a lift kit suspension and ADD desert style bumpers front and back.

There is a also a satellite based radar system on board that gives us direct access to radar info anywhere in North America. The Mobile ThreatNet technology helps us identify threats even when we have no direct internet access.

We have removed the center console in the truck and in its place added a 3000w power inverter and laptop stands. Power will not be an issue in the Flash. Our oversized fuel tank and the EcoBoost power train allows us to achieve almost 1200km’s on a single fill ensuring that we will not need to stop for fuel while in the midst of a chase.

In the rear of the truck there is sufficient storage space for all of our personal items and cameras as well as the 6 Tornado Camera Probes that we will be attempting to position inside tornadoes throughout the season.


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