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Chris Chittick

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Postion: Videographer
Years Chasing: 15
# of Tornadoes: 423
# of Hurricanes: 10
Home Town: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Current Residence: Regina, Saskatchewan
Twitter: @ChittickChris
Facebook: Facebook.com/Chris.Chittick

As the Tornado Hunter videographer Chris Chittick does not have a typical job. Some say he is crazy, some say he’s an extremist, and yet others say he’s performing real science. Chris Chittick is by definition a storm chaser. Tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, water spouts; any phenomenon Mother Nature has the fortitude to create, he makes it his mission to conquer it. His weapon of choice is his camera – Chris Chittick has encountered more than 400 natural weather occurrences on two continents in his decade long career and shows no signs of slowing down.

Graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in Business in 2004, Chittick began his unusual career in 1998. Chris went on to star in Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers hit television show. This young man from Greenville, Michigan has literally taken the world by storm. With appearances on Good Morning America, CNN, Piers Morgan, and Fox News, Chittick is one of the nation’s premiere experts on extreme weather phenomenon, traversing the United States giving lectures on extreme weather safety. He works closely with emergency technicians, engineers and disaster relief organizations on education, prevention and survival in the field.

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