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Tornado Alley Tours

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Tornado Alley


May-June 2021




6 Guests per Tour

Fitness Required


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Join the Tornado Hunter team for the bucket list trip you always wanted. Spend 8 days  with the crew in Tornado Alley as part of the team. Storm chasing is a team game and we need all hands on deck. You will not be an innocent bystander…the regular vacation rules do not apply. Work the radar, navigate, learn how to forecast severe weather and get into the heart of the action. 

If you are a photographer, this trip has an added bonus for you. You will learn how to make your camera sing as we criss-cross the great plains in search of the best that mother nature can dish out. Photographers will learn advanced techniques of shooting on the fly, timelapses, night photography, lightning and if we are lucky the grand daddy of all weather phenomenon…tornadoes. 

We get so many requests for ride-alongs and now we finally have the chance! At the moment we cannot confirm which members of the team will be on each tour. This will be confirmed closer to the date. Our hope is that Chris, Ricky and Greg will be on each tour however sometimes scheduling conflicts prevent this from happening. 

Whats included:

  • Storm Chasing and travel for 8 days
  • Supper meals provided
  • Accommodations (double occupancy, $800 single supplement)
  • All travel costs related to storm chasing

Whats not included:  

  • Travel to and from your home to Regina, SK 
  • Lunches and snacks are your responsibility
  • Incidentals such as alcohol, souvenirs etc

Tours Schedule 

Tour 1 – First Half of May 

Tour 2 – Second Half of May 

Tour 3 – First Half of June

Tour 4 – Second Half of June

All tours are 8 days (depending on departure location) however dates need to be flexible to ensure the best possible experience (We cannot control the weather). As busy as tornado season is, there are quiet periods. To avoid having an 8 day expedition with nothing but blue skies we will wait until we are much closer to the actual time frame before we head out. You will receive 72 hours of notice prior to departure within the time frames listed above.

Reserve your seat in FLASH 

$3600 per person + GST

All trips leave from Regina, Sask and travel to and from Regina and back to your home is not included. 

To reserve your spot on one of the trips, please Contact:

Chris Chittick at  

Important Notes

  • All trips are 8 days (7 nights) based on weather AND departure from Regina, Saskatchewan. This means that if the weather dictates, trips may begin and end a day early. 
  • Guests will need to have up to 3 days of flexibility on departure and will be given 72 hours if such a change in schedule is required
  • All Guests must sign our liability waiver and record a video affidavit of such waiver
  • All Guests must have a valid passport
  • All Guests must be legally able and eligible to enter the United States. Guests left at the US border crossing due to ineligibility will not be refunded or compensated. Criminal record, DUI, previous entry refusal are all reasons to not sign up for this trip.
  • All Guests must inform at time of registration of any serious food allergies
  • Due to the nature of the excursion, sadly, those with limited physical capacity will not be able to participate.
  • Storm Chasing has its moments. It’s not for everyone and it can be both physically, mentally and emotionally draining.
  • When required due to circumstances, we are obligated to stop and help when tragedy strikes. This again, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Bad things often happen around tornadoes.
  • If a guest decides they are not up to it, they will be solely responsible for the costs associated with early departure.
  • There is limited space on board our two vehicles.  Guests will be required to pack efficiently.
  • The storm chase schedule can be gruelling. Late nights, and early mornings are normal. Eating on the go is also part of the reality on the road.