• Seek shelter indoors
  • Away from windows
  • Monitor weather radio
  • Do not hide under or near trees
  • Risks include: Lightning, Tornadoes, Flooding and Hail
  • Take warnings seriously as any severe storm is capable of lightning and tornadoes


L Lightning


  • Stay indoors or in your vehicle
  • Avoid trees – This is where people get killed
  • Lightning can strike up to several miles away from a storm
  • Golfing is bad around lightning, any outdoor sport should stop!
  • It does not need to be raining to have a Lightning risk


T Tornadoes


  • Get underground
  • If you cant get underground, get into a bathroom on the mainfloor
  • Do not hide under a highway overpass
  • Stay in your vehicle with your seatbelt on. Drive away if possible
  • If driving away is impossible, last resort is to get to a low spot such as a ditch


  • My kids and I survived the Joplin Tornado by taking shelter in our bathroom. We don’t have a basement, our home was destroyed, the decision to go into the bathroom saved our lives

    Angelina T
  • I have always believed that we lived somewhere that tornadoes somehow would never hit. I was wrong. Please take the warnings seriously

    Richard M
  • You cannot imagine how quickly your life can change. There were three families in our shelter and when we finally got out following the tornado, all of our homes were gone…in an instant

    Sandy K
  • I urge everyone to pay attention to warnings during storm season. I know it saved my life, and my kids lives. I am terrified of storms and this experience has reinforced that fear.

    Shonte B



Team Tornado Hunter encourages you to read this document from The National Weather Service

OSHA – Tornado Preparedness Guide

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