Position: Driver/Social Media/Navigator
Years Chasing: 4
# of Tornadoes: 75
Home Town: Martensville, Saskatchewan
Twitter: @ForbesRicky
Instagram: @ForbesRicky

R icky Forbes is the driver for one of North America’s top professional storm chasing teams and also an accomplished web designer, freestyle snowboard coach, dirt biker, snowmobiler, and overall an adventure seeking adrenaline junkie. With his roots in Saskatchewan Ricky grew up snowboarding, dirt biking, and playing hockey. After high school he went on to graduate from the University of Saskatchewan completing his Bachelors of Commerce degree with a major in Finance. Following University Ricky tried the suit and tie gig for a couple years and decided it wasn’t for him. His life is now dedicated to pushing the limits, pursuing adventures and living life to the fullest.

In the off-season Ricky travels western Canada spending his days in the epicentre of outdoor adventure and fun. In the winter you’ll find Ricky dropping cliffs on his snowboard and sending his snowmobile off the biggest jumps he can find. Then come summer time it is living the biggest adrenaline rush, chasing tornadoes. Ricky has always had a passion for storms and now the opportunity to get up close and personal with tornadoes is a dream come true. 2012 was his first season with the Tornado Hunters and he’s been hooked ever since. Over the past 4 seasons with the Tornado Hunters Ricky has put on over 250,000km, crossed 3 provinces, and 26 states catching over 75 tornadoes.

Life without risk is not worth living. – Charles Lindbergh

On the off chance Ricky is not chasing storms in the summer you will find him jumping his dirt bike, launching a waterfall in his kayak, falling out of an airplane or something else to get the blood pumping.



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