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Photography Workshops

  • Over the past 15 years I have taught thousands of people how to use a camera. As a professional photographer I value time and simplicity. Camera Easy is my philosophy.

    Greg Johnson, The Tornado Hunter

Workshop Overview

Your instructor is Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter. With over 20 years of professional photography experience Greg will give you the ‘ah-ha’ moments and make sure you understand how the camera works. The Intro course is designed to teach a technical overview and understanding of your Digital SLR or Mirrorless camera. Simply put, you will understand how your camera works by the end of the workshop, and you will have a ton of fun while learning! Over 15 hours of instruction throughout the 2 days. Generally, classes run from 9 am – 5 pm. Lunches, snacks and beverages are included.

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Workshop Dates and Locations

Jan 2-6 2020 (Thur-Mon) INTERMEDIATEYellowknife NWT – $1450AURORA and WILDLIFESOLD OUT
Jan 11-12 2020 (Sat-Sun)Morden, MB – $425Best Western PlusSOLD OUT
Jan 15-22 2020 INTERMEDIATE Dominican RepublicPunta Cana PrincessSOLD OUT
Jan 25-26 2020 (Sat-Sun)INTERMEDIATE – Regina, SK – $425Dallas Valley RanchSOLD OUT
Feb 13-14 2020 (Thur-Fri)Regina, SK – $425Sandman InnSOLD OUT
Feb 22-23 2020 (Sat-Sun)Ottawa, ON$425Towne Place Suites, KanataSOLD OUT
Feb 29-Mar 1 2020 (Sat-Sun)Swift Current – $425Home Inn9 SEATS LEFT
Mar 10-11 2020 (Tue-Wed)Calgary, AB – $425Days Inn Balzac12 SEATS LEFT
Mar 12-13 2020 (Thur-Fri)Red Deer, AB – $425Holiday Inn Red Deer South16 SEATS OPEN
Mar 14-15 2020 (Sat-Sun)Edmonton, AB – $425Radisson Hotel and Convention Center13 SEATS LEFT
Mar 26-27 2020 (Thur-Fri)Prince Albert, SK – $425Holiday Inn Express 16 SEATS OPEN
Mar 28-29 2020 (Sat-Sun)Saskatoon, SK – $425Hampton Inn Airport16 SEATS OPEN
April 2-3 2020 (Thur-Fri)Victoria, BC – $425Inn at Laurel Point14 SEATS LEFT
April 4-5 2020 (Sat-Sun)Vancouver, BC – $425Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront14 SEATS LEFT
April 9 2020 (Thur)Grand Prairie, AB – $200 Podollan Inn and Spa 16 SEATS OPEN
April 16-17 2020 (Thur-Fri)Davidson, SK – $425Elks Hall16 SEATS OPEN
April 18-19 2020 (Sat-Sun)Lloydminster, AB – $425Lakeland College16 SEATS OPEN
April 23-24 2020 (Thur-Fri)Lethbridge, AB -$425Paradise Canyon Golf Resort16 SEATS OPEN
April 25-26 2020 (Sat-Sun)Medicine Hat, AB – $425Medicine Hat Lodge16 SEATS OPEN
April 30-May 1 2020 (Thur-Fri)Brandon, MB – $425Canad Inns16 SEATS OPEN
May 2-3 2020 (Sat-Sun)Yorkton, SK – $425Western Dev Museum16 SEATS OPEN

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by Aldrick on TornadoHunters.com
Amazing Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Best Western Hotel-Morden

It was a wonderful and amazing workshop. Greg has awesome technique the way he coaching us, very smart teaching style, A very good mentor, inspiring, enthusiastic, and he has a sense of humour. I like the way that he "bullied" everyone in the group. Looking forward to the next workshop.

by Wanda Stoesz on TornadoHunters.com
Informative and entertaining
Where did you attend a workshop?: Morden, Mb

I walked in not sure what to expect. I walked out knowing how to use my camera with confidence. 14 hours of class and I cannot wait to go out and shoot anything I can possibly shoot. Greg was an amazing teacher, very patient, funny, interactive instructor and stopped to answer all and any questions. ... read more

by Brad Locke on TornadoHunters.com
Intro course
Where did you attend a workshop?: LLoyminster

I have taken a lot of courses and been in a lot of classrooms over the 20+ years I served in the military. Greg has a way of instructing that isn’t just restricted to instructing, it is engaging, entertaining and informational. Presented in an easy to understand format or way, if you will. It is clear... read more

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Workshop Topics


What is correct exposure
Shutter Speed
Cheat Sheet


Navigating around the camera – What does it all mean
Holding the camera
Focal Length – effects on quality
Holding focus and recomposing

Shooting Basics

Manual Mode
Aperture Mode
White Balance
Continuous shooting
Single shot focusing
Continuous focusing
Bracketing exposure

Creative Photography

Composing photos
Manual Focus
Composition – Rule of thirds
Composition – SCUFI
Composition – Perspective
Candid Photography techniques


Q: I cannot make it to a workshop. Do you have an online version of your workshops?

  • A: Yes! Camera Easy is my online course and I even recommend it as a followup to the live events. If you can’t make it out to a live event workshop, then Camera Easy is just what the doctor ordered.

Q: I have not yet purchased a camera but I intend to and would like to take the course. Do you provide cameras
to learn with?

  • A: We have a camera we can lend for the course. Please email tracy@tornadohunter.ca to make these arrangements

Q: I am a pure beginner. I literally know nothing about the camera and only use the auto stuff. Is this the course for me?

  • A: Yes. The intro course will allow you to understand how the camera works. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Q: If I am already quite familiar with my camera is the intro workshop right for me?  What topics will be covered?

  • A:, Yes, this is definitely the correct workshop. There will of course be some repetition on a few items, however, I have a very different approach and from my experience, with thousands of photographers that have come through this course, everyone benefits starting here.  

With that being said, going straight into the Intermediate course is right for some people. The following questions will help direct you to the correct workshop:

  1. What camera are you using?
  2. Do you shoot in manual mode?
  3. Do you have an external flash?
  4. Please list your two favourite lenses that you currently own?
  5. If you shoot at night (aurora/stars/lightning) please attach one or two images.
  6. By answering these questions I will be able to ensure we get you in the right workshop. 
  7. Please email your responses to tracy@tornadohunter.ca

Q: I have a camera which is an advanced travel camera,  it has the usual capabilities but no interchangeable lens.  Is it worth me taking the course when I have a limited camera?

  • A:  ZS100 is a fantastic camera. Although it is not a dslr camera, it has every bit of the necessary functionality and is totally suitable for the workshop. That being said, one of the outcomes from the workshop will likely be that you will discover that there are a few limitations with this camera. I suggest taking the workshop with this camera and if and when you decide to upgrade to a better version, you will have a great idea of what you need and want. 

Q: Am I able to purchase a gift certificate for someone?

  • A: Yes, gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be purchased by emailing tracy@tornadohunter.ca.  We will wait to contact the recipient until after the gift has been received.

Q: Is a micro 4/3 camera is suitable to take this class?

  • A: Yes

Q: I was wondering about these classes as I have a mirrorless camera and would love to know how to use it.  Are these classes  beneficial for my type of camera.  I was hesitant to sign up because of this. 

  • A: Yes

Q:  I have an older Camera – Canon T3i

  • A: Perfect, don’t buy anything before the workshop. We will spend some time discussing purchasing and things to avoid. 

Q:  I have a Nikon D90 which is about 10 yrs old.  Would that suffice for the workshop?

  • A:  Perfect. Yes, this is a wonderful camera, however the technology is older. It will be great for the workshop and then you can make a more informed decision about purchasing after your two days with Greg.

Q: I have taken the Intro course.  What does the intermediate course offer that is different?  What if I “forget” some of the stuff I learned in the beginner course?

  • A:  You are absolutely ready to take the Intermediate course.  We will review a few things from the Intro class before we get started.  The intermediate workshop will build on the skills you learned in the intro workshop and focus on more advanced techniques like bracketing, tripod shooting, long exposures, workflow, night shooting and some editing.

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