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16 Guests Maximum

Fitness Required


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Included in your registration fee is instruction and all meals and snacks beginning on the first morning and ending on the evening of day 2. Saturday night is a late one as we will work on shooting in the dark, night sky and general low light/tripod photography.

The intermediate workshop will build on the skills you learned in the intro workshop and focus on more advanced techniques like bracketing, tripod shooting, long exposures, workflow and some editing.  Weather permitting, there will be some night shooting opportunities.

Please bring:

  • Tripods and warm clothing.
  • At least one back-up battery for your camera. (Also, bring the charger)
  • A remote cable release or wireless trigger.
  • Computer, preferably a laptop
  • Computer pre-loaded with ACDsee Photo Studio Professional 2019
I encourage everyone to have at least one ‘pro’ quality lens. This means that there is a focus distance indicator and a wide aperture such as f2.8 or better.  If you have a laptop computer, please bring it. Part of this event will be the workflow and creating great images.


Your days will be spent:

Working on advanced techniques

Workflow. Downloading, Organizing, Editing

Tripod training

Plenty of free time to explore and shoot.

Night Photography, Stars and Aurora

Cost for the weekend $550 

All meals and beverages

1 nights and 2 days of instruction

Cheat Sheet

Limited Registration (16 max)

Laughing….lots of laughing!

Workshop Itinerary



Morning Day 1

We will work on understanding workflow. We will be organizing images, creating a simple workflow and editing our images. This will be computer and coffee time.

Afternoon – Day 1

Class time. Topics will include: shooting quickly, shooting with accurate exposure and focus. Using tripods and cable releases. We will focus on specific shooting situations that relate to interests of the group.

Evening – Day 1

Night shooting, star trails and shooting in the dark.

Morning – Day 2

Computer time. Work flow, and editing. Show and tell.

Lunch/Afternoon – Day 2

Show and Tell. More shooting, downloading, sorting and editing. Goal of the weekend is to get some truly exceptional photos. Sunday afternoon is the time to show it off.


2019 Intermediate Workshop Schedule


March 30-31 2019 (Sat-Sun) Saskatoon SK – INTERMEDIATE $550 Shekinah Retreat 3 Seats LEFT
April 6-7 2019 (Sat-Sun) Regina SK – INTERMEDIATE $550 Dallas Valley Ranch 3 Seats OPEN
April 13-14 2019 (Sat-Sun) Brandon MB –INTERMEDIATE $550 Elkhorn Resort 4 Seats LEFT




$550 per person + GST

Workshop Registration

  • Use this drop down to select the location you would like to register for and view the price.


by Nadine Laliberte on
Don't miss your chance
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

WOW! This course has created so many AH-HA moments for me. Greg not only simplify my camera to a tool that I finally understand, he made it fun and interesting. The two days flew by and I was disappointed... view more

by Karen on
For one and all!
Where did you attend a workshop?: Red Deer

This is a common sense course that applies to everybody. This course will elevate your knowledge of the camera as well as how to look at all photography with a professional eye. Greg covered a lot of ... view more

by Pat Jacobsen on
Where did you attend a workshop?: Edmonton

I really don’t like doing reviews because I am not sure what to here goes!!! Greg was simply wonderful, he doesn’t talk down to you even if he has to tell you a dozen times until the light bulb... view more

Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina

I've taken a couple of other photography course before, and this one was definitely the best. Greg has a way of cutting through the crap and simplifying the process of taking pictures. He avoided the ... view more

by Aldrick on
Amazing Workshop
Where did you attend a workshop?: Best Western Hotel-Morden

It was a wonderful and amazing workshop. Greg has awesome technique the way he coaching us, very smart teaching style, A very good mentor, inspiring, enthusiastic, and he has a sense of humour. I like... view more

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Photo Workshops with Greg Johnson the Tornado Hunter
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Diane Mursell on Photo Workshops with Greg Johnson the Tornado Hunter
I know why and when to change my settings
Where did you attend a workshop?: Regina, Saskatchewan

“I know WHY and WHEN to adjust the camera settings!”

For over a year I kept missing out on Greg’s workshop for one reason or another. I was finally able to get in on one this past August and it was SO worth the wait! When I walked into the workshop I had, in frustration, only been using my camera in the fully automatic mode and had given up using any of the other settings. At the workshop I learned what I was doing wrong with my camera and now know how to make adjustments to settings on the camera to get the shot I want, instead of just hoping it would turn out.

Previous to the workshop if I got a good shot it was pure luck, I didn’t know why it worked out or alternatively why it didn’t. Now I feel much more comfortable with my camera and am using it fully manual (no presets for me anymore!). I am able to adjust ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc and know WHY I’m adjusting them and WHEN to adjust them! I am thrilled with the results I am getting. I no longer feel intimidated by using the manual setting and actually like it more now as I have control over what the camera is doing.

The workshop itself was very enjoyable and had such a relaxed atmosphere to it, open to questions and inquiries. Being able to go out and do some hands on learning during the workshop was great as well because you could have any problems addressed right then and there so you learned instantly by “doing”.

Greg is very passionate about what he does and that comes across. He makes the workshop a lot of fun yet keeps it so informative at the same time. Even the most basic questions from novices like me were answered with patience and a willingness to share his vast knowledge. A bonus is seeing his beautiful work and hearing storm chasing stories!

To wrap it up I got everything I wanted from the workshop and more. I cannot recommend this workshop enough, if you have any desire at all to improve your photography skills or learn more about how your camera works please don’t think twice. Sign up for a workshop now!

Dianne Mursell

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