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The  course is designed to teach a technical overview and understanding of your Digital SLR camera. The goal is to make sure all course participants understand the technical aspects of the photography and are capable of finding solutions to common and uncommon photo issues. You will understand how your camera works by the end of the workshop, and you will have a ton of fun! Hear what others are saying about these workshops. 15 hours of instruction over 2 days.  By gaining the technical knowledge of the camera & the skills used by professionals, students will be able to get desired results. Lunches, snacks and beverages are included all weekend. Classes run 9-5 each day. Contact tracy@tornadohunter.ca

To register, please scroll down and fill out the registration form.  At the bottom, click the drop down bar for location options.  Click Submit.  You will be directed to a payment page where you can choose to pay via Paypal or with a credit card.  To use a credit card, click “Don’t have a Paypal account?”   This will allow you to enter your credit card information.  If you prefer to pay via E-transfer, please email Tracy at tracy@tornadohunter.ca for instructions.

Sept 12-19 2017 Yukon (Visit trip page) – $2950 SOLD OUT
Sept 22-24 2017 (Fri-Sun) Intermediate Level – Saskatoon, SK – $525 SOLD OUT
Sept 28-29 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Fort Quappelle, SK – $425 SOLD OUT
Sept 30-Oct 1 2017 Lloydminster, AB – $425 SOLD OUT
Oct 12-13 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Regina, SK – $425 SOLD OUT
Oct 13-15 2017 (Fri-Sun) Intermediate Level – Lumsden, SK – $525 SOLD OUT
Oct 19-20 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Weyburn, SK – $425 SOLD OUT
Oct 26-27 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Brandon, MB – $425 SOLD OUT
Oct 28-29 2017 Portage La Prairie, MB – $425 4 Seats left
Nov 2-3 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Medicine Hat, AB – $425 8 Seats left
Nov 4-5 2017 Lethbridge, AB – $425 8 Seats left
Nov 9-10 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Yorkton, SK – $425 12 Seats left
Nov 24-25 2017 (Friday-Saturday) Saskatoon, SK – $425 14 Seats left
Nov 30-Dec 1 2017 (Thursday-Friday) Edmonton, AB – $425 17 Seats left
Dec 7-8 2017 Moose Jaw, SK – $425 18 Seats open
Dec 9-10 2017 Swift Current, SK – $425 20 Seats open



Workshop Registration

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  • I have been using my camera on auto mode since I got it and have tried everything possible to learn. No Luck. 2 Days with Greg and I swear I will never use auto again! 

    Cheryl T
  • The camera has always been a huge frustration. Not anymore. I totally get it and whats even more important, its fun again! 

    Steven P
  • I have taken several photo ‘classes’ in the past. Online, community college and the one they offer at the camera store. I learned more in two days than all of it combined and I retained it. Loving the camera now. 

    Denise R
  • Since I paid good money for the camera I should have taken this workshop 5 years ago, it would have saved a lot of headache. Highly recommended. 

    Shannon L


Topics Covered


What is correct exposure
Shutter Speed
Cheat Sheet


Navigating around the camera – What does it all mean
Holding the camera
Focal Length – effects on quality
Holding focus and recomposing

Shooting Basics

Aperture – exposure compensation
Shutter Speed – hand hold vs tripod
White Balance
Continuous shooting
Single shot focusing
Continuous focusing
Aperture – bracketing exposure
Shutter Speed – bracketing exposure
Manual Exposure

Creative Photography

Composing photos
Manual Focus
Composition – Rule of thirds
Composition – SCUFI
Composition – Perspective
Candid Photography techniques



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